Yamaha Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan From 6 September 2023

Yamaha Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan From 6 September 2023

Yamaha Motor has increased Motorcycle prices from 6 September 2023 as the automotive industry is having a hard time because the economy is not doing well, and the Pakistani money (Rupee) keeps losing its value compared to the US Dollar.

The Yamaha Motor has increased all Motorcycle models by up to Rs. 17000 including Yamaha YB 125Z, YB 125Z DX and YBR 125. These prices will be applicable on 6 September 2023.

The new price of the Yamaha YBR 125 is Rs. 396,000 and the old price is Rs. 380,500, while the new price of the YB 125Z DX is 423,500 and the old price is Rs. 408,000.

Check below the table as we have mentioned all Yamaha Motorcycles’ new and old prices.

New Yamaha Bikes Prices on 6 September 2023

ModelOld PriceNew PriceChange
YB-125Z380,500396,000Rs. 15,500
YB-125Z DX408,000423,500Rs. 15,500
YBR-125419,000435,500Rs. 16,500
YBR-125G (Black)436,000453,000Rs. 17,000
YBR-125G (Matte Gray/Orange)439,000456,000Rs. 17,000

Check below the latest notification from Yamaha Motor has increased in Motorcycles prices;

The economic condition is not well so Yamaha Motor announced an increase in Motorcycle prices. It’s important to note that Yamaha bike prices in Pakistan have gone up for the sixth time in 2023. If the country’s economy doesn’t get better soon, we might see more price increases in the coming months, which seems very likely.

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