Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan September 2023

Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan September 2023

As the Honda CD 100’s replacement, Atlas Honda introduced Honda Pridor, although the Pridor has a ton more functions.

Customers looking for something in between the Honda CD 70 and Honda CG 125 were wooed by the two-wheeler’s perceived superior elegance, aerodynamic design, and consistent mileage.

The Honda Pridor has a 4-speed engine and excellent suspension. Its glittering front headline has been hidden, and its style has been further enhanced by its eye-catching indicators and alluring silencer.

The new bike, like other Honda bikes, is supposed to be dependable as a long-term ride in addition to being equipped with the newest technology. However, although it had a sporty design and better fuel economy, its ruggedness was not helped.

Along with its contemporary features and dependability, Pridor’s parts availability helped to increase its popularity among Pakistanis who care about the local market.

Honda Pridor pricing in Pakistan 2023: 

For 2023, the Honda Pridor 100cc’s new pricing is PKR 208,900.

Pridor gasoline Average: 

The new Honda Pridor 2023 gets an astounding 55 km per litre of gasoline thanks to its 100c engine. The bike can travel between 55 and 60 km per liter of gasoline. A bike’s fuel economy can be affected by factors such as rider weight, bike, road surface and riding conditions.

The 4-stroke engine of the Honda Pridor makes it more fuel-efficient than 2-stroke bikes. Its comparatively small engine size also means that it requires less fuel to operate.

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Colours for Honda Pridor

Honda Prider is available in three hues.

  • Blue 
  • Black 
  • Red

Top Speed: 

The top speed of the Honda Pridor is normally between 110 and 120 km/h. However, several variables, such as the rider’s weight and the road surface, might affect a bike’s real top speed.

Top Features: 

The Honda Pridor has several features that make it a popular option for Pakistani commuters. Among the essential characteristics are:

  • A 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine powers the Honda Pridor. Its very small engine size makes it fuel-efficient and simple to operate.
  • The motorcycle has a four-speed transmission.
  • The bike has swing arm suspension in the back and telescopic fork suspension in the front, allowing for a comfortable ride on bumpy terrain.
  • Drum brakes are present on both wheels of the Honda Pridor and offer sufficient stopping power.
  • The bike has a lovely speedometer and odometer that make it simple to quickly assess the machine’s performance.
  • The Honda Pridor boasts a sleek, contemporary, athletic, and aerodynamic look.
  • The Honda Pridor is a dependable alternative for daily commuters because of its reputation for dependability.

Honda Pridor Specifications

Engine4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder
Displacement97.2 cm³
Bore & Stroke50.0 x 55.6 mm
Compression Ratio9.2:1
Suspensiontelescopic fork (front), swing arm (rear)
Brakesdrum (front & rear)
Fuel Tank12 liters
Fuel Economy55-60 km/l
Top Speed120 km/h
Dimensions(LxWxH) 2,015 x 746 x 1,096 mm, wheelbase: 1,325 mm
Seat Height790 mm
Tire SizeFront: 2.75 – 18, Rear: 3.00 – 18

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