Yamaha Bikes Installment Plan With Zero Markup 2023

Yamaha Bikes Installment Plan With Zero Markup 2023

Yamaha is a famous cruiser brand known for their high-quality motorcycles. This monster bike has many fans at home, and despite tough competition, Yamaha bikes are leading in their segment.

Amid skyrocketing prices, many automakers, including Yamaha, have announced payment plans that could be very helpful in the crisis.

Yamaha Motor Corporation has once again launched a zero deposit program for customers as it offers bikes with easy money that buyers can complete within a month.

Yamaha is once again offering customers a zero markup easy installment plan, thanks to which Alfalah debit card holders can convince them to buy a bike.

The cheapest Yamaha bike, the YB125Z, is currently discounted at Rs 380,000, while the most expensive YBR 125G Matte Gray is on sale for an incredible Rs 430,000 as Pakistanis are having a hard time checking the bikes every day after the price advance.

The price increase came after the financial crisis because the auto industry relied on imports and was also driven by a decline in the local currency and the need to control credit ratings.

With automakers’ massive price hikes, people are moving away from other bikes, especially bikes made in China; because Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda know how to manage good construction and also have a good reputation for sales.

Yamaha bikes Installments plan in Pakistan

Yamaha Motors Pakistan has recently introduced an Easy Payment System. The offer is now available at the company’s dealers.

BikesPrice (PKR)50% Down PaymentMonthly Installment (PKR)
YB-125Z DX408,500204,25017,020
YBR-125G (Black/Red)436,000218,00018,170
YBR-125G (Grey/Orange)436,000218,00018,170

Yamaha Motors Pakistan has recently implemented the Easy Bike Installment Plan. The offer is accessible as it were at the company’s dealerships at the moment.

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