Suzuki Bike Prices in Pakistan September 2023

Suzuki Bike Prices in Pakistan September 2023

Despite having close ties with motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda and Yamaha, Suzuki Pakistan still has a strong foothold at nearby shows as the company has a wide range of bikes including bikes, bikes and bikes.

The company caters to the premium segment of the motorcycle market, with most of the local products already acquired by Honda and Chinese automakers. Suzuki’s home numbers are slowing as car and bike prices rise, but it’s still part of society’s profits. Some of these models are Suzuki GD-110 S, GS-150, GSX-125, GR-150 and GW 250 JP2.

Factors affecting Suzuki bike price increase

Suzuki Motors has told us almost nothing about the reason for the price increase in September. But we will accept some differences and most of the time this is why.

Material Costs

The increase in fabric costs will be one of the reasons for the price increase. Increasing raw materials such as steel, plastic or rubber will cause the total cost of the bike to increase.


Inflation is also a reason that can increase the price of any country, including bicycles.

The rupee is losing value

The Pakistani rupee lost some of its value against the US dollar in a short time. This calculation leads to higher import prices. Suzuki engines import many parts from other countries. In general, when the Nd price of the bicycle is shown, the reasons why these products become more expensive are shown.

Price Comparison 

Before examining the price increase calculation of Suzuki bikes, you can find the unused prices below compared to old bicycles.

ModelOld PriceNew PriceChange
GR 150PKR 521,000PKR 547,000PKR 26,000
GS 150 Euro II 150ccPKR 364,000PKR 364,000PKR 0
GSX 125PKR 488,000PKR 499,000PKR 10,000
GD 110S Euro IIPKR 335,000PKR 335,000PKR 0

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Suzuki GS 150 Euro II 150cc and GD 110S Euro II price has not changed. However, GSX 125 and GR 150 prices have changed recently. The original price of Suzuki GSX 125 is PKR 488,000 and the current price is PKR 499,000. While the original price of the Suzuki GR 110 was PKR 521,000, its current price is PKR 547,000.

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