Honda 125 New Model 2024: Release Date and New Price

Honda 125 New Model 2024: Release Date and New Price

The Honda CG 125 has had a large customer base in Pakistan since Honda fulfilled this wish. Although this motorcycle has always had the best performance, all the major changes Honda has made to the modern model have failed. But we expect the 2024 Honda 125 Modern to be on display. This article is the answer to the question of when the 2024 release date of the Honda 125. Or how much does the Honda 125 2024 cost?

New model of Honda 125 release date:

Honda 125 2024 is expected to launch between September and October 2023, but the company needs to confirm the delivery time accordingly. Estimates are based on research and assumptions in map books from Honda’s past deliveries.

Hope Changes in a new model of Honda 125:

Unlike previous models, the 2024 Honda CG 125 should have many changes to meet the market’s needs. Given the competition from brands like Suzuki and Yamaha, customers can expect further improvements:

  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: No demo but expected to offer the best fuel tuned to today’s concerns and business.
  • Refreshing Palette: The modern color rendition and unique character seem to give customers more customization possibilities.
  • Reduced Vibration, Smoother Ride: May attempt to improve ride quality by reducing vibration and providing a smoother ride.
  • Modernization Program: The modernization and advanced program will likely review departures regularly, giving it a renewed appeal to seafarers.
  • Redesigned Lighting Package: Both the headlights and taillights can be redesigned to create a different look on the road.

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Expected changes in a special variant of the Honda 125 include:

  • Sporty aesthetics: Elegant and beautiful design will be considered along with the added visual design process.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Improvements in position created result in a comfortable and ergonomic ride.
  • Alloy Edge: Alloy edge can replace normal edge to make it better and more efficient.
  • Digital Instrument Panel: Considered the most advanced instrumentation, providing advanced functions and information to passengers.
  • Update Time: Improved stun protection can provide a better, more controllable ride.
  • Revised lean plan: The redesigned lean body could include some improvements to the overall appearance of the motorcycle.


Fuel EfficiencyImproved
ColorsNew and Unique
Ride ComfortReduced Vibration, Smoother Ride
DesignModern and Contemporary
Lighting ElementsRedesigned Headlight and Taillight Shapes

Special Variant Changes

DesignSporty and stylish
Seat ComfortEnhanced
Instrument ClusterDigital
SuspensionEnhanced Shock Absorbers
ExhaustRedefined Shape

Estimated price of Honda 125:

The estimated price of the new Honda CG 125 on display is approximately PKR 234,900, but the exact estimate of interest has not yet been disclosed by department company policy.

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