Kia Sportage Black Limited Edition Price in Pakistan

Kia Sportage Black Limited Edition Price in Pakistan

Here are the most recent prices for the Pakistani KIA Sportage Black Limited Edition. The KIA Sportage Black Limited Edition is distinguished from the standard KIA Sportage SUV by its bold and enticing look.

This premium model stands out from other Sportage trims thanks to a bevy of outstanding aesthetic elements. The KIA Sportage Black Limited Edition delivers a striking appearance that is very alluring thanks to its unusual exterior and interior components.

Price in Pakistan of the Kia Sportage Black Limited Edition

The Kia Sportage Black Limited Edition, which the firm claims is priced at Rs. 9,050,000 in Pakistan, is Kia’s premium Sportage variation and costs Rs. 500,000 more than the Sportage AWD variant.

Engine and transmission of Kia Sportage:

The 2.0-litre gasoline MPI engine in the KIA Sportage has a 1999cc displacement and can produce 115/6200kW of power and 196/4000 Nm of torque per revolution. A 6-speed programmed and sportmatic transmission is mated to the engine to supply a comfortable and compelling driving experience.

Moreover, the car has three diverse driving settings, including Ordinary, Eco, and Wear, so the driver can customize their driving encounter to their tastes.

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Exterior of Kia Sportage:

A gloss black grille with a black chrome surround, black roof rails, black side mirror caps, and black 18-inch alloy wheels with a distinctive black finish and silver accents are just a few of the blacked-out design components that make up the Black Edition’s exterior appearance.

The Sportage Black’s front additionally features daytime running lights (DRLs) on LED headlamps. As long as the engine is running, these lights will stay on, increasing the visibility of the car to other road users. This improves the SUV’s safety features while also enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

The smart welcome system is a cutting-edge feature that is located on the side profile of the car. The all-new Sportage quickly starts when you get close to it by using the smart key fob to approach the vehicle. When you enter the car, the welcome lights turn on, and the outside mirrors open and adjust themselves so you can start driving right away. The Sportage is more convenient to drive overall and more comfortable thanks to this practical feature.

The SUV stands out from other cars on the road because of its distinctive design and LED rear combination lights, which provide great visibility. The tail lamps’ distinctive appearance contributes to the car’s overall charm. Additionally offering higher illumination and energy economy, LED lights are a sensible option for drivers. Additional features include a glossy black radiator grille, black side sill molding, beltline molding with a dark satin finish, and a glossy black skid plate.

Interior of Kia Sportage:

The KIA Sportage Black Limited Edition’s interior is stylish and classy, with accents made of black leather and high-quality materials all over. A quality look and feel are provided by the black leather, which extends to the dashboard to highlight the Black Edition’s opulent atmosphere.

High-quality materials, such as soft-touch plastics and extravagance leather upholstery, are utilized in the cabin’s well-built construction. The SUV is an incredible choice for families and long-distance trips since it gives sufficient capacity for travelers and luggage as well as bounty of headroom and legroom.

The infotainment framework features an enormous touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, and the dashboard is rich and modern. In conjunction with these valuable conveniences, the car has keyless entry, push-button start, and dual-zone programmed climate control. An all encompassing sunroof is another highlight accessible on the Sportage, which makes the insides of the car feel more open and roomy and surges it with normal light.

The Sportage’s controlling wheel is designed for consolation and effortlessness, with the sound farther controlling coordinates right into the wheel. It is less complex to preserve concentration on the street ahead, much obliged to these controls, which empower the driver to alter the sound settings without evacuating their hands from the wheel.

A 3.5-inch Monochrome TFT-LCD show is found behind the directing wheel and gives the driver imperative data on the operation and status of the car. The driver can keep informed without having to take their eyes off the road ahead thanks to this display, which gives crucial information including the total mileage, outdoor temperature, average speed, and distance driven.

Features for comfort and convenience:

  • Door lock system
  • Park assist sensors
  • Cruise control 
  • Rearview camera
  • Air purifier
  • Window defogger
  • Seat belts
  • Parking brake
  • Auto hold
  • Central door lock
  • Immobilizer
  • Rain sensor 

Safety features of Kia Sportage:

  • SRS airbags 
  • Hill-start assist control 
  • Downhill braking control
  • A parking assist system
  • Vehicle stability management
  • Drive mode selection

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