Honda City Price & Installment Plan September 2023

Honda City 1.2 Price & Installment Plan September 2023

Honda City has been one of the most popular car choices ever since its launch in Pakistan. Recently, smart body lines, push-button start, keyless, etc. The lines increased its appeal.

Honda City attracts the attention of many buyers due to its fuel economy, comfort, and safety, and is worth a try. This 5-seater car is equipped with modern design and the latest technology.

Some of its most important features include climate control, steering wheel, modern driving lights, driving lights and the latest interactive media. 

Overview of Honda City

Honda City 2023 can be the first choice of buyers who want a good and affordable car to drive in Pakistan. There are 5 different gear options available and you can buy it with a manual or automatic transmission.

Buyers can choose between the 1.5 CVT and 1.5 Yearn with a 1495cc engine and the 1.2 LS version with a 1,199cc gasoline engine.

Honda City is always a good choice because the fuel economy of this car is up to 40 liters and its mileage varies between 17.8 and 24.1 kilometers per liter depending on the problem, which is very good.

Although Honda City 1.5 CVT has 5 different versions, it is in high demand in Pakistan, so we offer you the opportunity to pay for Honda City 2023 easily and without interest.

Honda City Installment Plan

EquityPriceDown Payment+ Processing FeeTotal UpfrontMonthly Instalment
15%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 832,350Rs. 834,850Rs. 200,602
20%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 1,109,800Rs. 1,112,300Rs. 198,571
25%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 1,387,250Rs. 1,389,750Rs. 178,540
30%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+  Rs. 1,664,700Rs. 1,667,200Rs. 167,508
35%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 1,942,150Rs. 1,944,650Rs. 156,477
40%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 2,219,600Rs. 2,219,600Rs. 145,446
45%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 2,497,050Rs. 2,499,550Rs. 134,414
50%Rs. 5,549,000Rs. 2,500+ Rs. 2,774,500Rs. 2,777,000Rs. 123,383
  • Halal Car Financing in Pakistan is cheap and is Sharia compliant.
  • Bidders will be able to purchase the vehicle with a down payment of at least 15% of the actual price of the vehicle.

The payment plan for Honda City will change from time to time depending on the price of the vehicle. If you want to choose plans for different people or other presentations, you can use the Meezan Bank Automatic Ijarah Calculator or visit the nearest office.

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