10 Mind Blowing Features That Set the Lexus NX Hybrid Apart

10 Mind Blowing Features That Set the Lexus NX Hybrid Apart

One of the Lexus brand’s most well-liked models is the NX Hybrid and with good reason. Since its first release in 2014, the NX has consistently been a profitable product for Lexus. Due to the hybrid technology, it has always been well-known among families and city dwellers looking for urban transportation through congested areas. According to Lexus, the name means “nimble crossover”. 

The current version, which debuted in the year 2021, has also garnered positive reviews in the American market. Along with the hybrid technology, its ideal size is one of the key reasons it has been such a significant success in the United States and other major vehicle markets around the world. Here are ten of its many positive attributes.

The NX Hybrid Is Not A Gas-Eating Vehicle

This is useful if you ever find yourself in a traffic jam or simply driving around the neighbourhood. Between city and highway driving, the NX350h claims an average fuel efficiency of 39 MPG, while the NX450h+ model offers an estimated average fuel efficiency of 84 MPG. The astonishing 37 miles that the automobile can travel alone on its electric motor is also estimated by the EPA.

The NX Has Eye-Catching Design

The NX has the classic Lexus family characteristics, including a massive front grille that makes a bold first impression and sharp lines with precisely defined cuts and creases all over. The NX has a deliberate appearance because of how tall it is off the ground. 

Even from a distance, the family-friendly appearance guarantees that no one will confuse it for anything other than a Lexus. The full-width rear tail lamps significantly improve the NX’s rear appearance and make it easier for other drivers to see it at night. The big full-width tail lamp makes the NX visible from a great distance, which also improves safety.

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It Gets High Marks For Practicality

The NX is quite roomy and functional inside because it is built from the ground up to be a family vehicle. All of the seats have more than enough width and legroom, and the boot capacity is also more than adequate. With all of the seats up, the NX offers a boot area of 22.7 cubic feet (643 liters). The boot expands to a whopping 46.9 cubic feet (1,328 liters) when the back seats are folded down. This is decent even though it only compares to the other competitors in the market. 

When the back seats are folded, a level loading area is also created, making it easy to load big and long things into the boot. The practicality factor is increased by several notches as a result. This makes the NX ideal for a small family traveling, say, on a weekend getaway with all of their stuff. Five persons and their bags fit inside with plenty of room to spare.

Up to 46.9 cubic feet of cargo space are available

Not only can you carry a family of four to five people in luxury, but the SUV is also more than capable of accommodating a ton of stuff for vacations and travels, should you wish to. Even though you might not be utilizing the Lexus NX as a hauler, it’s important to know that this crossover has a 2,000-pound towing capacity, and the necessary equipment is available as a separate option. As a result, the Lexus NX is an excellent option for a daily, weekend, or grocery-getting vehicle.

The NX Has Exceptional Build Quality And Toyota Reliability

You should credit Takumi, Lexus’ master craftsman who left their mark using painstaking and artisanal processes, for this incredible build quality. They devote 60,000 lengthy hours to perfecting their trade and talent, according to Lexus. The Lexus Hybrid Warranty coverage is valid for eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, and its Battery Warranty coverage is valid for ten years or 150,000 miles, again, whichever comes first. 

It Has Several Drive Modes

The four available drive modes for the NX hybrid are Eco, Sport, Sport+, and Custom. These modes assist in modifying the engine’s output as well as the gearbox’s responsiveness and shift times. In the Sport and Sport+ settings, where the traction control acts a little more leniently and permits some fun to be had behind the wheel, the NX becomes incredibly exciting and enjoyable to drive. 

The Eco mode’s goal is to maximize efficiency by adjusting the engine mapping and throttle response to maximize the amount of fuel that may be used while minimizing emissions. The Custom mode is quite intriguing because it gives the driver the chance to customize the engine response, gearbox response, etc. to their preferences.

The NX Has Exceptional Fuel Efficiency

The NX Hybrid is fairly fuel-efficient because of hybrid technology. At slower speeds, it achieves excellent fuel efficiency in urban settings. Approximately 41 MPG in the city and 37 MPG on the highway are provided by the NX 350h. This equates to about 39 MPG overall. On the other hand, the NX450h+ delivers a combined fuel efficiency rating of 36 MPG. For someone searching for a fuel-efficient SUV to use as an urban runabout, this makes it ideally suited. It uses zero fuel while traveling at modest speeds through traffic and runs entirely on electricity. 

It Features A Driver-Centered, Contemporary Dashboard

Although auto aficionados frequently bemoan “dated interiors,” Lexus has maintained the majority of the fundamental components of the systems from earlier generations. If anything, it’s clever that Lexus still incorporates a CD player into their infotainment consoles. 

The automobile uses a “Tazuna” design aesthetic, which places the driver in a cockpit-like posture and aids in maintaining concentration and reducing distractions while using the infotainment system. The NX now features a standard 9.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with features like Driver Connect, Cloud Navigation, Intelligent Assist, and Destination Assist in addition to the customary wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Lexus also provides the F-Sport Package for the NX Hybrid

Still a little unimpressed? For a cost of $1,095, you can add the F-Sport package to your Lexus NX to give it a sportier appearance and feel. This package includes gloss black accents all over the car, 20-inch five-spoke Gloss Black alloy wheels, and an aggressive-looking body kit. 

F-Sport heated and ventilated front seats, a sportier heated steering wheel, a black headliner, dark graphite aluminum trim, and aluminum pedals are additional interior modifications. Additionally, it has Lateral Front and Rear Performance Dampers as well as Adaptive Variable Suspension. Along with the Luxury Package, the F-Sport package is an option that adds even more features and technology to the vehicle.

It’s reasonably priced

The NX Hybrid is rather inexpensive and on a level with all of its rivals, especially when you consider the technology it offers. The range starts with the 350h, which has a sticker price of $41,955 and ends with the 450h+ F Sport, which has a price of $57,805. These costs place the NX directly in the middle of its main competitors, making it a strong alternative in the market. 

In addition to the generally high resale prices customers receive for Lexus vehicles, the company’s impeccable reliability record also helps to increase customer confidence. Although adding optional equipment can quickly push the price over $60,000, there aren’t many that can be fully avoided because they aren’t necessary.

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