Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan September 2023

Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan September 2023

Petroleum costs are all-time high in Pakistan as it has crossed the Rs300 per liter print and the environment has been destroyed throughout time.

Amid such circumstances, citizens can set aside both their cash and climate by embracing green drives. The ongoing petroleum and diesel costs in Pakistan are Rs305.36 per liter and it has greatly increased the movement cost for bicycle riders. The Pakistani government has now been putting efforts to advance e-bikes in the nation and it is additionally being upheld and supported by foreign investors.

A few organizations are creating electric motorbikes in Pakistan. Here we have accumulated costs of Jolta Electric’s JE 70D SE and JE70Li Essential. JOLTA Electric plans its Electric Conversation Packs with the kind of value and respectability that motivates an extraordinary riding experience. Past that, the parts are prepared accessible cross country. The Jolta motorbike accompanies no grasp and cog wheels with low upkeep.


The maximum velocity of JE 70D SE is 55 KM/Hour while it gives a mileage of 70-80KM on charge.

JE 70D SE Price

The variation is available at Rs157,000.

JE 70Li Essential

With 55-60 maximum velocity, the mileage is 80-90 kilometers. The lithium battery requires 2.5 hours to finish charging. The cost of JE 70Li Fundamental is accessible at Rs199,000.

The organization, Zyp Advancements, has raised $1.2 million as a seed capital speculation driven by Indus Valley Capital — which is a beginning phase funding reserve putting resources into Pakistani new businesses.

It has likewise settled a mechanical production system fit for delivering up to 8,000 cruisers yearly to fulfill the needs of business clients and individual purchasers.

The expense of forthcoming electric motorbikes will run between Rs150,000 to Rs450,000 depending upon assortment. The organization likewise plans to lay out 4,000 charging stations in the nation.

With environmental change and rising fuel costs in Pakistan, the arrangements empower bike armada administrators to set aside to 70% on fuel costs and take out air-dirtying discharges, making their activities ecologically feasible and beneficial.

As of late, the caretaker government expanded the petroleum and diesel costs by over Rs14 per liter, crossing 300 per liter. .

The Money Division had said the climb was expected to the “expanding pattern of oil costs in the global market and conversion scale varieties”.

Presently, the cost of petroleum is Rs305.36 per liter while high-velocity diesel (HSD) cost is Rs311.84 per liter.

Additionally, individuals get some information about Electric Bicycle Costs in Pakistan in 2023 which is recorded below. Pushing ahead, all organizations have a place with China yet collect in Pakistan. All bicycles that come in the market with various battery limits are recorded. Most significant is where the accessibility of electric bicycles exists. In this way, in significant urban communities of Pakistan, all organizations open display areas however in little urban cities, they are managing a few sellers.

Latest Electric Motorcycle Price in Pakistan Sept 2023

Bicycle ModelEstimated Cost
Uber Electric Games E-BikePKR 250,000
MS Jaguar E-Weighty BIKEPKR 259,900
MS Jaguar electric Bike MS E-125PKR 234,900
MS Jaguar electric Bike MS E-70PKR 163,900
MS Jaguar MS E-SCOOTERPKR 129,900
Sunra Electric BikePKR 139,888
Street Lord Electric BikePKR 103,500
Jolta Electric BikesPKR. 2,19,000
Joined Electric BikePKR. 288,000
Neon M3 Electric BikePKR 128,000
VLEKTRA Electric BikePKR 249,000
Pakzon Electric Bicycle PE-70DPKR 125,000
PAKZON Electric Bikes PE-70LPKR 175,000
Pakzon Electric Bikes PE-SCOOTY-DPKR 130,000
PAKZON Electric Bikes PE-125LPKR 200,000

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