Apple iPhone 15 PTA Tax in Pakistan September 2023

Apple iPhone 15 PTA Tax in Pakistan September 2023

The Pakistani Tax Authority (PTA) has declared plans to present another iPhone 15 PTA Tax for 2023, which won’t just increment tax assessment on iPhones in the nation yet in addition put extra guidelines and limitations on them. This shift is set to have extensive regulations for how we connect with our innovation and how advanced items are made accessible in Pakistan. In this blog entry, we’ll take a top-to-bottom gander at what these proposed changes mean for purchasers of Mac innovations like iPhones, iPads, Watches and different gadgets to comprehend the reason why this move is being viewed as by the public authority.

iPhone 15 PTA Tax List With Passport 2023

The table underneath outlines the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) tax list for Apple iPhone 15 variations for the year 2023 when enrolled with a visa.

The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has given the tax list for the new Apple iPhone 15 series for the year 2023 based on the CNIC. For the base iPhone 15 model, the expense forced is Rs.130,708. On the off chance that you’re keen on getting the iPhone 15 Or more, you’re checking out at a duty of Rs.137,033. For those thinking about the iPhone 15 Star, be ready to pay an extra expense of Rs.147,153. Ultimately, for the very good quality iPhone 15 Ace Max, the PTA charge remains at Rs.156,893. Kindly note that these figures are likely to change in light of government strategy.

PTA Duty On iPhone 15, 15 In addition to, 15 Ace and 15 Ace Max

Apple Divulges iPhone 15 Genius and iPhone 15 Master Max Costs In Pakistan Particulars

Paying the PTA (Pakistan Media Transmission Authority) charge on your iPhone 15 in Pakistan is a legitimate necessity set by the public authority. It is a command for all cell phones functional inside the country, whether they’re nearby or imported.

The income gathered through this expense is used for the turn of events and support of the telecom framework the country over, consequently upgrading by and large organization execution and availability. In addition, paying the PTA charge guarantees that your gadget is enlisted and legitimate, keeping away from any expected punishments or administration interferences.

To put it plainly, it is an essential venture for any iPhone client living in Pakistan, as it keeps them associated and secure.

iPhone 15 Master Max Cost in Pakistan Without PTA Expense

Model Variant Actual Cost
iPhone 15 128 GB Rs.236,000
iPhone 15 256 GB Rs.265,500
iPhone 15 512 GB Rs.324,600
iPhone 15 Plus 128 GB Rs.265,500
iPhone 15 Plus 256 GB Rs.295,000
iPhone 15 Plus 512 GB Rs.354,100
iPhone 15 Pro 128 GB Rs.295,000
iPhone 15 Pro 256 GB Rs.324,600
iPhone 15 Pro 512 GB Rs.383,700
iPhone 15 Master Max 128 GB Rs.354,100
iPhone 15 Master Max 256 GBRs.383,700
iPhone 15 Master Max 512 GB Rs.442,700

The expected cost of the iPhone 15 Master Max changes depending on the inside stockpiling limit. In Pakistan, the iPhone 15 Master Max with a capacity limit of 128 GB is supposed to be evaluated at Rs. 579,999. For those looking for more space, the 256 GB variation is supposed to be valued at Rs. 619,999. At long last, the variation with the most noteworthy stockpiling limit of 1024 GB is supposed to accompany a sticker price of Rs. 623,999. If it’s not too much trouble, note that these are surmised costs and genuine costs might shift.

How to Pay PTA Tax Online?

Start by visiting the official site of DIRBS and making a record. Continue to register your phone in the DIRBS entryway. Preceding finishing up the structure, try to peruse the rules given on the DIRBS site. In the structure, enter the essential subtleties and pick the reason for involving the gadget for individual use or business. Note that business clients need to enrol with DIRBS for charge instalment. You likewise need to choose the right client type, that is to say, either a neighbourhood Pakistani or an outsider.

After completing every one of the fields precisely, including a substantial email address, submit the form. You will get an affirmation email from PTA to the given email address, make sure to confirm this data.

Application for Certificate of Compliance

Whenever you have gotten the confirmation email from PTA, use the certifications given to sign in to your record. Click on the dashboard symbol and select the choice Individual Testament of Consistency. A range of options will show up, from which you want to choose Apply for Individual COC. At this stage, you should give a SIM number that is attached to any nearby local mobile network operator.

How to Give a Gadget’s IMEI Number?

For the registration of iPhones, users need to give details, for example, the IMEI number of the gadget and the quantity of SIM cards, among others. You can find the IMEI number of your phone for each SIM card by dialling *#06#.

Payment of Taxes

At last, after the age of PSID, you can pay your expenses utilizing any online-based account using a direct bank transfer. On the other hand, you can likewise utilize a portable wallet that represents your duty instalments.

Critical to keeping the records are utilized for registration and instalment of charges, as they will be required if you at any point need to confirm or refresh your data. Doing so will guarantee a smooth and bother-free cycle while utilizing the gadget in PTA’s organization. Moreover, it is likewise critical to monitor all exchanges made with PTA, like installments and the recharging of declarations. This will assist you with keeping away from any instances of erroneous charging or undesirable expansion of administrations.

If you ever run into any issue with registration payment or installment, it is ideal to contact PTA’s Customer care for help. Customer care is accessible nonstop much of the time, and they can assist with any questions connected with the cycle. With the right data and admittance to customer service, you can complete the registration process and make sure your device is compliant with PTA’s requirements.


What is the tax rate for the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Pakistan?

The duty rate for the iPhone 15 Star Max in Pakistan falls within the scope of Rs.107,325 to Rs.156,893. This variety in charge is because of a few variables including the particular model of the iPhone 15 Star Max, its capacity size, and the ongoing expense guidelines set up in Pakistan. If it’s not too much trouble, note that this is an estimated range and the range could change.

Will the PTA tax removed in Pakistan in 2023?

As of the recent data available, there has been no authority announcement concerning the removal of the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) charge on cell phones in 2023. Until the public authority gives a conventional announcement demonstrating in any case, it is logical to guess that PTA duty will keep on being forced. The circumstance might develop as the year advances, so it’s fitting to remain refreshed on the most recent approach changes for the most reliable data.

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